ICC’s Children Library concluded 2022 summer activities with 70 events and 1000 participants

Children Library at the Isa Cultural Centre (ICC) concluded the 2022 summer vacation activities, by presenting 70 functions from July 1 to September 6, 2022, with 1,000 participating children.

The CL organized 31 activities over a period of two months from July to September. The library staff, in cooperation with some storytellers and authors, presented many educational activities and interactive programs for children through storytelling and acting and kinetic competitions to establish concepts and values. It also included activities for the deaf through sign language for the participating group, as well as programs for autistic children.

The library also organized 39 cultural and creative activities within the Bahrain Summer Festival, brought by Bahrain Authority of Culture and Antiquity.

CL seeks to establish a promising generation of children with important cognitive skills to build an educated personality, and aims to refine children's literary talents, in addition to providing creative workshops related to the culture and history of the Kingdom. Developing learning skills and instilling societal values ​​among the participants.

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