Made With Passion Bahraini Cinematic Festival

The 2022 Bahrain Film Festival (Made With Passion) competitions is Back!

To participate in the competitions:

A. Short Film Grant for the two best texts (grant funding of $2000 per film)
* T&C:
  1.     The director and writer of the script should be Bahraini
  2.     Due date is December 26, 2021

B. Best Short Film Competition
  1.     The production of the film should be Bahraini
  2.     The duration of the film should not exceed 10 minutes
  3.     To be the first participation of the film in the competitions (Made with Passion)
  4.     The production date should be after January 1, 2018
  5.     The films should be in Arabic and subtitiled in English.
  6.     Due date is March 31, 2022
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